2014: Year in Review

First livejournal post of 2014: 2013 Year in Review
Last livejournal post of 2014: It's a bit of everything
No fanfiction was written in 2014 .... o.o
No tweets were tweeted in 2014 ....
First tumblr post of 2014: this is why you guys need Hermione
Last tumblr post of 2014: hi and goodbye (image of 2015 kicking 2014 out of the way)

2014 was the year of my descent into MCU fandom and tumblr. Around May I started doing thematic rec lists for Steve RogersxBucky Barnes pairing on tumblr, which ironically marked the last post I did on livejournal. There are now 65 rec lists that can all be found on the MASTERPOST.

Is anyone alive out there?

It's been ... months. Literally months. And not the "oh just one or two, everything is still the same" but the "omg it will soon be a year if I don't get my butt in gear" kind of months. How's it been? Is everyone still here? Is everyone moved over to something else? What is happening????

I feel like I've been gone for centuries and now I am trying to piece together where all my friends are.

Out of my confusion, I have a couple of questions: will there be a 2015 Merlin bigbang, and if so, who is hosting it?

I stumbled back in because I have the perfect story that I have been saving up for a Merlin bigbang and now I can't find any. And this is usually the month of notifications and sign-ups are February 1st. That is when it has hit me, that it has been so long that I am officially unsure which communities are still active and which ones have been shelved. I don't even know if all my lj friends are still on here. For all I know I am posting this into the void. Yikes!

So, please let me know if you're alive. I am. And if you happen to know what is happening with the 2015 Merlin bigbang world, can you let me know about that?


- oflittleuse (who is also very much alive and around)

I'm Writing's Bitch

I hadn't really started my ACBB yet, but I had this idea. Right? It was a solid idea and it worked.

Then last night I had a crazy fever and I ended up having this messed dream about Merlin. Woke up at 5am, still fevered and wrote like 5k. Craziest part? It's actually kind of good. I think it's going to be my ACBB plot now. Thank you fever! I honestly don't think I ever would have thought of this plot line in my right state of mind.
arthur and merlin walk

2013 month meme

Taken from … many of the peeps on my flist.

Basic concept: look back on the year by sharing the first line of the first post from every month.

January: First livejournal post of 2012
February: YES! It is time for paperlegends and I am PSYCHED!
March: Just got home from the Opening Night performance of Cactus Flower - and it went really well.
April: I have been super busy going into the last two weeks of rehearsal for the Heiress. BUT ..
May: Now, my crossing over social media is almost non-existent.
June: Meeting in less than an hour, school group coming in first thing tomorrow morning, and let me bury my head in the sands of shame for being completely swamped this past weekend and not around anywhere (don't even get me started on the abysmal word count I managed to scrap up for PL).
July: I AM BACK!!!!
August: paperlegends is now posting (and seriously, I already read the first one,"Bend Before the Sea" by i_canz_dragon, and it's sooooo good - if you like selkie mythology this is the fic for you!)
September: nothing … no post for this month
October: nothing … still no post ...
November: Well ... this whole going back to school thing is more intensive than I thought it would be.
December: I can't figure out how to size pictures on this app.

2013: A Year in Review

It was a bit late coming - but finally I finished my Year in Review for 2013!

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In summary: The highlight was definitely going to London and being able to spend that time with my sister (added bonus was we saw Colin Morgan in the Tempest - and he touched my sister's leg). Coming to North Bay and starting my Bachelor of Education and finding out how much I LOVE teaching, tons of new friends and my best friend announcing that they are expecting their first baby in July 2014. I feel like 2013 was a transition year and tons of things are coming up which makes me very happy/nervous/excited for 2014.

Upcoming Events:
- Finish my B.Ed.
- TWO interviews to teach in the UK
- Best Friend's wedding
- Best Friend's new baby

Happy New Years!

I am running around and trying to get everything ready, but I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year! I know I have been a bit silent recently - sorry about that! That being said, I have two fandom related things:

1. I just did a one week challenge before Christmas to write and post a chapter a day. It worked out - stuck to the schedule and finished everything despite Christmas celebrations. Everything was posted on AO3. It is unbeta'd and probably more rushed than what I usually put out, but I really wanted to get myself writing again and I find doing self-imposed challenges really help with that.
(Side note: Could that be a challenge? How fun would that be if writers signed up for writing a new chapter each day and posting it the day it is written? Do people already do that?)

Title: Seven Days
Summary: On December 17th Merlin goes to work. Little does he know that only across the city Arthur Pendragon has returned and is currently being held in a Psych ward. As the lives of Gwen, Lancelot, Gwaine, Leon, Morgana and Percival start to entwine, Arthur embarks on a quest to find his lost manservant in a modern Albion.

2. I will be posting a new fanfic soon. It's a parody - because I felt like writing some comedy. It's closely related to "10 Reasons Why Avalon is Unbearable" but now Arthur has returned and is determined to woo Merlin with Freya as his wingman and using the oracle Google - there is no way he can fail. (which - if anyone would like to beta???? That would be awesome!)

Anyways! Happy New Years! I will be doing my New Year summary tomorrow. Once I have recovered from the festivities. 

Christmas Update

I can't figure out how to size pictures on this app. Either way, I am finally home after a very intense semester. In 5 days I finished 8 projects and 2 exams.hope everyone is having a great December. I hope to finally read up on everyone's journals, read new fanfictions, and finally get to finishing a few that have been put on hold. Btw, if anyone has any recs? I would love some merlinxarthur fics - anything after September!

Just wanted to post a update to let everyone know I am still alive. :)