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Masterpost: The Ultimate Adventures of Arthur and Merlin

These are posted over at camelot_drabble, as a part of their weekly challenges.

Series Title: The Ultimate Adventures of Arthur and Merlin
By: oflittleuse
Rating: PG
Pairing: pre-Arthur/Merlin
Series Summary: Best friends Arthur and Merlin do everything together: fight the forces of evil (mostly Arthur's sister Morgana and her friends), lead the Knights (their awesome name for their group of friends), and most importantly, they look out for each other. Kid!fic, modern!au with magic, a series of drabbles

The Downside of Having Magical Best Friends (Magical snowball fights)
Paper Crowns (Merlin gives Arthur his birthday present)
The Meaning of Being Best Friends (Cuddling in a tent and late night conversations)
Merlin's Family Drawing (Arthur makes some corrections to Merlin's drawing of his family - includes art)
Kissing it Better (Arthur tends to Merlin's wounds)
How to Become a Knight (Gwen becomes a member of the knights)
The Dangers of New Spells (Merlin's spell backfires)
Tags: character: arthur, character: merlin, fanfiction: merlin, masterpost, pairing:arthur/merlin, rating:pg, tv: merlin

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